Meemaw & Peepaw Hutsell

We used to be known as Paul & Vickie Hutsell but since the grandchildren came, we are affectionately known as Meemaw and Peepaw Hutsell. Vickie works for Kauffman Engineering (formerly TM Morris Mfg) and Paul works at Matthew Warren and is music minister and executive pastor at our church: Calvary Union Church in neighboring Walton,IN. We love the Lord for His grace to us and we also love all of our little g'babies too as well as their wonderful parents.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Kid Pix

Megan went and got pictures of the kids and they are so cute!!

They are all growing so much, especially Baby Henry. He is such a good baby!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Midsummer Day's Dream

I knew it would happen. I finally convinced Chloe that Peepaw is the "Good Guy" and can occasionally get her to come to me instead of Meemaw. Ya ha ha!
I think what won her over was a long nap that she took on Peepaw's lap. When she woke up, she wouldn't even leave his lap to go to mommy. Since then she has really turned into "Peepaw's Girl". I win! hehe
This summer has been filled with so many blessings that they are nearly too numerous to count. It is hard to remember everything, but here are a few highlights.VBS was a treasure! Watching all the kids respond to the gospel messages was intense and so encouraging. Isaac, Emma, and Lily really took to the music and sang with such energy and passion. It was fun to participate and make that kind of memory. They even went home and taught them to Alivia. You can hear her going around doing her best to emulate them.
We all went to Indiana Beach for the company outing. The little ones surprised us with their willingness to go on the kiddy rides. We figured that Chloe and Alivia would be intimidated by the movement and noise, but they really enjoyed even the rougher rides.The best memories included getting Katie and Megan on the "Double Drop". I still have hearing loss from Megan's screaming. hehe
The Indy Zoo trip was a gasss. Those kids were so wound up after the zoo that they rode in the car for over an hour and a half all the way home and never even slowed down, let alone zonk out, which is what we expected them to do. They were so tired when they got home, though.
Over the Fourth of July Kris was home (only a month to go in school) and we had a "whole family" outing with everyone at the house. What a riot! The food fellowship and football throwing were cool, but the wrestling match took the cake! Thanks Joel & Katie!
It was also fun watching fireworks at Walton.Kris was showing up some of the "young" guns with his physical prowess during a football game only to find out that he has weak ankes like his old man. Ran right out of his shoes too. He did good considering the youth advantage of his competitors. "Youth Is Wasted On The Young"
We are looking forward to Kris's graduation in August and his return to Indiana. (along with his family) However that event also comes with the realization that he will be taking his family to North Carolina and we will be left to entertain ourselves without their little ones. I guess Chloe will have to bear all the spoiling for awhile. Look out Joel & Katie.
We are so proud of Kris and Joel and their wonderful families and we love them with all our hearts. Great job, guys!
The best part is that summer has just started. We still have 4H Fair coming up real soon, there's National Worship Leader Conference in Austin TX, Rejoice Trio in September, Crossway in October, and all kinds of blessings yet to experience. We're getting the roof repaired soon, and we've got a fire pit full of free wood to burn. Summer is really looking up!!