Meemaw & Peepaw Hutsell

We used to be known as Paul & Vickie Hutsell but since the grandchildren came, we are affectionately known as Meemaw and Peepaw Hutsell. Vickie works for Kauffman Engineering (formerly TM Morris Mfg) and Paul works at Matthew Warren and is music minister and executive pastor at our church: Calvary Union Church in neighboring Walton,IN. We love the Lord for His grace to us and we also love all of our little g'babies too as well as their wonderful parents.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trick or Treaters

We came home and found some trick-or-treaters coming up the sidewalk. One looked pretty harmless. We even got some recon photos of the perp....

She was with a pretty seedy character though, as evidenced by the following images we were able to get off before it ran across the street to "granny's house".

We were unable to apprehend the big green one, so if you see it on the loose, for God's sake be careful!! You'll end up with all these little red blotches all over yourself!!

Have a Happy Halleluia Day!!

more autumn pictures

We are slowly turning to fall around here. Two nights ago we got down to 30degrees so it will change the colors quickly.
It is still a bit green for now, but they are calling for the wind to pickup tonight, so we might not get too many more chances to see the trees in their fall dress.
Wanted to get these on the blog for now, before the computer gets put away for the move to US.
We look forward to seeing our grandchildren and their parents after an extended stay over seas.
We also pray for their safety as they travel home.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Looks alot like summer this fall

This summer has lasted much longer than most that we can remember. The temperatures even last week hovered in the mid 80's. The turn of the leaves has been delayed a few weeks at least. We can remember going to the harvest party with no leaves on anything. The frost has often killed everything in the yard by now, and the first frost is usually just an early October memory.
This year we have only recently been given 40's overnight. This week we have been in the fall temperatures so we will soon see the changes we are accustomed to seeing.
The sugar maple in theback yard is the first to turn and this picture shows is is starting now. This was taken October 23rd.

We are looking forward to seeing our kids from Okinawa this fall as they return from assignment there for three years. We praise the Lord for watching over them as they were so far away.