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We used to be known as Paul & Vickie Hutsell but since the grandchildren came, we are affectionately known as Meemaw and Peepaw Hutsell. Vickie works for Kauffman Engineering (formerly TM Morris Mfg) and Paul works at Matthew Warren and is music minister and executive pastor at our church: Calvary Union Church in neighboring Walton,IN. We love the Lord for His grace to us and we also love all of our little g'babies too as well as their wonderful parents.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

As The Quivver Fills

Well, we have grown some more this year.
Kris is on assignment in Virginia and Megan stayed in Indiana near family to have their 5th child, a cute-as-a-button boy named Henry Christian.
Not sure of the origin of the name Henry, but his middle name is the same as Peepaw Hutsell's.
(Peepaw got his name from his uncle Homer Christian Hutsell.)
Henry has acclamated quite quickly to the noise of siblings and as well to Peepaw's lap..(Meemaw's too.)
Our time has been filled with getting acquainted with grandchildren who have spent the majority of their lives (so far) halfway arond the world.
I can say for a certainty that God made grandchildren as a blessing to grandparents. It is so cool to be accepted so unconditionally by such exhuberant smiling faces, especially at 6:30 am after their sleepover with Meemaw. I am so thankful for God's grace and mercy and for Meemaw's patience and sticking with me, that allows me to experience such a wonderful life!
Definitely some of the best memories have come this last year.
To top it off, Chloe has finally warmed up to Peepaw too, and last week preferred Peepaw's lap to mom's when Katie came to retrieve her after a Saturday morning visit. Peepaw loved that!! She was asleep on his belly and did not want to leave.
Hehe. Guess I got the touch!!
Our biggest problem is that we are so short on space in our home, but Peepaw is working on that!!
Will include pictures on here too when I can, but for now go to for the latest pix of Kris & Megan's and to for theirs.
Blog Ya Soon
Peepaw & Meemaw


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