Meemaw & Peepaw Hutsell

We used to be known as Paul & Vickie Hutsell but since the grandchildren came, we are affectionately known as Meemaw and Peepaw Hutsell. Vickie works for Kauffman Engineering (formerly TM Morris Mfg) and Paul works at Matthew Warren and is music minister and executive pastor at our church: Calvary Union Church in neighboring Walton,IN. We love the Lord for His grace to us and we also love all of our little g'babies too as well as their wonderful parents.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Meemaw's favorite pic's

Insert "proud papa" bumpersticker here -->

Great grandma Brown cried almost the whole time she held her..

Great grandpa Brown seemed so excited to hold Chloe , he actualy jumped up to wash his hands..

Peepaw's a sucker for little girls!!

I love this one!!!!!

Life in the Hutsell house

Well, it's been a month now since this page has had anything new, so I guess I will just have a war with technology. You know the saying, "If you can't beat them, join them.".

This last Friday was wonderfull! I got to spend some quality time with the newest member of the Hutsell family, Chloe. I got to do all the things a meemaw should get to do, like change a poopy diaper, feed, and burp her. Here are some more pictures.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Uneventful? Week

We experienced a pretty uneventful week after the holiday weekend. Monday the lawn got mowed and fertilized then we got a visit from a humming bird. He (or she) flew right up to us about 3 feet awat at eye level and took a few seconds to observe our funny faces. It was really cool. He did it twice. Tuesday was back to work, Wednesday happened I think, Thursday the garage door quit working....other than that it was back to the old routine.