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We used to be known as Paul & Vickie Hutsell but since the grandchildren came, we are affectionately known as Meemaw and Peepaw Hutsell. Vickie works for Kauffman Engineering (formerly TM Morris Mfg) and Paul works at Matthew Warren and is music minister and executive pastor at our church: Calvary Union Church in neighboring Walton,IN. We love the Lord for His grace to us and we also love all of our little g'babies too as well as their wonderful parents.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Sumertime In Indiana

Ok, it's time for some "peepaw braggin". This has been the most awesome year of this old man's life. It has been so cool watching our kids and their families as they grow and mature in so many ways.
With Kris away at USMC College, there has been a greater need for the presence of M&P and boy is that ok!
It is hard to believe that Kris and Megan came home eight months ago. I can still remember meeting them and especially Alivia in the airport. It took awhile before she made up with Meemaw, but she did. She especially is Peepaw's girl. This week has been VBS at church, and Thursday she got her little fingers shut in the car door. She just would not be consoled until she saw her "Beebaw", so Megan brought her to the production booth to summons me, and as soon as I could break away, I made it to the basement to comfort the poor thing.
She came right to me to be held and was soon eating crackers with her smashed little fingers almost good as new. Before long she was even feeding Peepaw and showed little regard for her injuries. Praise the Lord for nimble bones. Soon she was ready to go to her class and was just fine when left in the classroom.
Her counterpart, Chloe, has really been warming up lately too, as she grows into her own special little personality. She is constantly learning new words and loves Sponge Bob.
Isaac and Emma have started T ball at Tower Park. It is really neat to see them grow into this stage of their lives, too. Neither of them knew what to do their first day after they hit the ball off the tee. They were sure having fun though, in their bright orange "Giants" uniforms. It was really a sight. We got pictures coming too.
We can't wait for Kris to finish school and come back home, but that will lso signal that they will all be moving away to North Carolina. It will be bittersweet for sure, but we still cherish all the time we have had and will have with all of our kids.
We praise the Lord for every day He gives us with the wonderful family that He has surely blessed us to be a part of. We love each and every one of them so dearly.


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